Bugatti Opts Against Branching into Luxury Sedans

The Bugatti Galibier concept had the automotive community on high alert for the brand to branch into the luxury sedan segment. Rumors then came and went that it would or would not reach production–this madness went on for years. Bugatti president Wolfgang Schrieber is putting the brakes on the Galibier rumors for now, announcing that the company would maintain its focus on brand purity and that only means supercars.

Bugatti Galibier concept

Would the Bugatti Galibier concept only serve to dilute the brand or could it create a new idea of what a luxury touring car could be? Can a brand offer both? These are all questions Bugatti has been working out during its decision making process.

So while that answers the sedan question, other rumors burned about a potential ‘Super Veyron’. To those Schrieber stated that “1200 horsepower is enough for the chapter of Veyron and its derivatives.” So there will be no sedan and no Super Veyron. With a few sneaky competitors touting 1400 horses in upcoming models, it seems that Bugatti may not be interested in holding onto its tile of ‘Fastest Production Car’ forever. What will the future hold for this fascinating brand then?

Bugatti Galibier concept

Schrieber hinted to the boys at Top Gear that the future of the Volkswagen owned brand would feature improved performance and possible electric powertrains, but as far as anything dramatic–the output will remain about the same. Does this indicate that the predictable appearance of the Bugatti Veyron is in the process of getting an extreme exterior makeover? I think it is time for some teaser photos to emerge, as all of this guessing is getting tiresome!

Bugatti Galibier concept

Bugatti Galibier concept

Bugatti Veyron

Can you see the family resemblance? The Bugatti Veyron’s distinctive shape and styling certainly inspired the Bugatti sedan concept.

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