The 4th Bugatti Legends Series Car Honors Rembrandt Bugatti

The six Bugatti Legends Series cars have been rolling out in delicious increments. The 4th edition is now here and honors Rembrandt Bugatti, popular 20th century artist and son of Ettore Bugatti. The tones for this special edition Bugatti are a low-key bronze and brown blend.

Bugatti Legends SeriesThe Rembrandt Bugatti edition honors son Rembrandt, who was a renowned artist. Nearly every member of the Bugatti family had a creative talent. 

The Rembrandt Bugatti Legends Series car is based on the fabulous Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse and follows the first three installments, which were: The Jean-Pierre Wimille, Jean Bugatti and Meo Costantini. So far all of these Legends cars have found homes.

Bugatti Legends Series

The interior pays homage to Rembrandt with a carbon fiber rearing elephant plaque inlaid in the seating.

Bugatti Legends Series

Rembrandt was captured creating one of his animal sculptures. 

The smooth two-toned body of the Rembrandt Bugatti Vitesse is set-off with shiny platinum. The look drips into the cabin where rich cognac leather reigns. The interior features a unique elephant symbol, a nod to the animal-inspired sculptures created by Rembrandt Bugatti during his lifetime. A rearing elephant he created served as the hood ornament for the Type 41 Royale back in the day. The choice of overall hues was also personal, as Rembrandt’s animal pieces were cast in bronze.

Bugatti Legends Series

The Bugatti Legends Rembrandt car is center stage at the Geneva Motor Show this week, where it is dazzling onlookers and will lure a buyer if it does not have one already. To drum up additional excitement, there is also a special display of his bronzed animals being shown in Berlin. These special edition Veyron’s are often pre-sold, and this one comes with a lofty $3 million dollar price tag. Word is they may make 3 of the Rembrandt cars.

Bugatti Legends Series

Who wants to venture a guess that one of the remaining two Bugatti Legends Series cars will honor Ettore himself?

Bugatti Legends Series

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