The 4th Bugatti Legends Series Car Honors Rembrandt Bugatti

Bugatti Legends Series

The six Bugatti Legends Series cars have been rolling out in delicious increments. The 4th edition is now here and honors Rembrandt Bugatti, popular 20th century artist and son of Ettore Bugatti. The tones for this special edition Bugatti are a low-key bronze and brown blend.

The Rembrandt Bugatti edition honors son Rembrandt, who was a renowned artist. Nearly every member of the Bugatti family had a creative talent. 

The Rembrandt Bugatti Legends Series car is based on the fabulous Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse and follows the first three installments, which were: The Jean-Pierre Wimille, Jean Bugatti and Meo Costantini. So far all of these Legends cars have found homes. read more