The Bugatti Plane Takes First Test Flight and Nosedives

On August 19th, 2015, the popular Bugatti plane took its first flight. Dubbed the Bugatti 100P Project, it is zeroed in on bringing to life an old project started but never finished by Ettore Bugatti back in the day. The name of the aircraft is Reve Bleu, and she became airborne at 104 miles per hour and achieved a top out of 127 miles per hour.

The well-followed Bugatti 100P Project is about a plane. That plane was the dream of founder Ettore Bugatti that was placed on hold way back in the 1930s. Now with a little help, that same plane is set to take off…but not without a few nosedives during testing! 

The Bugatti plane reached an altitude of just 100 feet, looking more like a floating maneuver than flying, but the team feels confident they are on the proper track to bring the project to fruition. If you watch the clip below, the pilot states that the right brake went out and that led to the less-than-poised nosedive. No one was injured and it seems to have been a blessing in disguise that the aircraft did not reach great heights just yet.

The Bugatti 100P Project shall forge on, striving to perfect the vision of Ettore following his exact specifications. He began drafting the dream of a plane back in 1937, but was forced to put the brakes on the project when World War II began. Until recently, the glorious forward-swept wing design and pair of Bugatti Type 50 engines were forgotten, but now the dream will take flight…and likely soon with all of the project’s dedicated staffers!

Bugatti 100P The Bugatti plane, Reve Bleu, holds true to the original designers size, powertrain, construction materials, shape and abilities. Photo ©Bugatti 100P Project.

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