Mercedes-Benz Checkmates in Frankfurt with Shape Shifting Concept

So Mercedes-Benz just created a real transformer. The Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile (IAA) has just taken the annual Frankfurt Auto Show by storm—showcasing the first-ever automobile capable of changing shapes whilst driving down the road.

Mercedes-Benz IAA

This technology is different than just the typical automotive ability to produce a rear wing at high speeds. The Mercedes-Benz IAA is essentially a shape shifter, able to alter its physical form at speeds exceeding 50 miles per hour. To make it even cooler, depending on preference, it is a hybrid.

The Mercedes-Benz IAA concept at a glance:

    • This concept looks like none of its siblings, but rather, a glimpse of the future. The sleek form is intended to be fluid so that it can mold into a different shape to achieve ideal aerodynamics. The racing business is likely already all over this. Will Mercedes feel like sharing?
    • Oddly, it is a 4-door layout. Would something like this be intended to transport passengers and the insane ability is just to save on fuel?
    • Fun fact: Mercedes is even playfully calling it a transformer.
    • What happens: The nifty front bumper boasts active grille shutters that can move to redirect airflow to the wheels. It can also move to the rear 2.4 inches to alter the airflow to the undercarriage. The 5-spoke wheels can switch to solid discs during drive time, and a rear extender protrudes out 15 inches to form a fancy tail.
    • Power stems from a potent plug-in hybrid kicking out 279 horses with an impressive range of 41 miles in electric-only mode. Top speed is limited to 155 miles per hour, because they are afraid of what it will morph into at higher speeds.
    • It was brought to life digitally to cut creation time to just 10 months. What is the rush, guys? Do you have something up your sleeve?

Check out the video above of the Mercedes-Benz IAA concept in action to obtain a visual on her remarkable capabilities. 

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