Will The Bugatti Veyron Replacement Be Enough?

The Bugatti Veyron has both increased heart rates over the years and also broken them with the news of production coming to a halt. Not a brand to disappoint, what is thought to be the Bugatti Veyron replacement has already been spied testing on the Nurburgring…but will it be big and bad enough to fill its predecessor’s slot? From the photos, it just looks like a Veyron. This could be a clever disguise in efforts to test the hardware–or it could be that the brand intends to hold tenaciously to its image.
What is being dubbed the “white mule” is shown testing in the clip above. There is also a black and brown version that has been spied.

While it is challenging to discern details from spy shots on a track, rumblings indicate that the Veyron’s replacement could be packing a substantially more potent version of the 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 engine. It seems that Bugatti is not underestimating the competition, with the likes of the LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Porsche 918 and others out there. It doesn’t seem possible that something as powerful and illustrious as the Bugatti Veyron could ever fade into the background, and even less likely that its follow-up would be anything less than spectacular.

Bugatti Veyron replacementThe successor to the epic beast that is the Bugatti Veyron is under development. Rumors are flying and I am simply wondering if she will be enough in the power and prestige arenas to carry on the heavy legacy. 

The idea of a Bugatti Veyron replacement is exciting, and needs to emerge with its own fresh identity. For this reason, it is my hope that it will undergo a complete aesthetic makeover and pack an even more powerful punch. According to Bugatti chief vehicle engineer Jens Schulenburg, “The big challenge on the next car will be reducing weight—we are looking at some incredible technologies, such as wheels made entirely from carbon fiber. Hybrids are definitely something we are looking at, too.” What I can glean from that is that the already blisteringly fast Veyron engine may survive, shaving off some pounds to increase speed.

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