Chicago = Desperate Need for Luxury and Exotic Car Rentals

Friday, March 19th, Imagine Lifetyles attended the Billionaire Lifestyle Event for the Lincoln Park Young Professionals Club (LP-YP).  This swanky event took place at the exclusive Sax Hotel in River North, and was jammed with young professionals, socialites, professional minglers, and vendors.  Earlier this month, we received a call from one of the main vendors, Tommy Gun Motorsports, who wanted to partner up with a luxury car rental provider, and we were happy to oblige.Range Rover Sport Supercharged Luxury Rental Car

Imagine Lifestyles Chicago has only been open for 2 weeks and already we are getting a warm reception from people happy to have our service in Chicago.  We have learned there were other luxury rental companies in Chicago in the past but as it stands now,  Imagine Lifestyles is the sole provider of luxury rentals in Chicago.  Tommy Gun of Tommy Gun Motorsports explained, “I have actually become frustrated because every other luxury rental company in Chicago I found online didn’t actually exist or have cars in Chicago.”  He was thrilled to find out Imagine Lifestyles Chicago is the real deal, and that we’re here to provide the best luxury rental cars in the industry.

Finding out this is a crazy business didn’t take us too long: Tommy Gun wanted us to display our Mercedes S550 at the event.  However, on the way to the Sax Hotel, we received a call from a customer who needed a black on black Mercedes S550 immediately.  We had to turn on a dime to meet the new customer’s needs; then proceeded to speed across the entire city in order to grab another car for the event.  We brought our black Range Rover Sport Supercharged as you can see from the picture above, and stationed it right in front of the hotel by the red velvet ropes. Our SUV became the focal point for all guests as they entered the event, and the first time the public came face to face with Imagine Lifestyles.

Lincoln Park Young Professionals Club Chicago IL

While inside the event, we rubbed shoulders with members of LP-YP, and spread the word of what Imagine Lifestyles has to offer.  Our shared booth with Tommy Gun Motorsports was a show-stopper and provided the perfect backdrop for us to be inundated with questions, praise, and excitement.  Dozens of attendants NEEDED our services, and now finally had someone to provide them.  Whether it was for anniversaries, bachelor parties, or just to be able to drive your dream car; we discovered Chicagoans thirsted for what Imagine Lifestyles Chicago has to offer. 

Many great connections were established at the gala, and we’re confident the attendants will keep Imagine Lifestyles Chicago in mind next time they need to rent a luxury or exotic car.  It’s a great feeling to be able to meet the needs of our beloved city.

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals