A Four-Door Corvette? That is Two Too Many GM

In the wake of the Porsche Panamera’s release, there have been rumors rising about a potential competitor-in the form of a four-door Corvette.  Yes, the exotic car rumor mill has been brimming over with talk of GM Four Door Corvette Conceptconsidering a four-door Corvette due to the success of the larger sized Panamera.  We shake our gearheads at this one, and our fists.

The 2010 Porsche Panamera actually bills itself as a luxury sedan, so that makes its four-door form acceptable and admirable.  A Corvette, people, should never be a luxury sedan, it disgraces its history and appearance.  We sincerely hope this isn’t one of those rumors that becomes a concept, and actually survives to see production. 

Another rumor circulating is that GM is contemplating a V6 Corvette to market to women, under the assumption that females are concerned with the aesthetics of a luxury car, rather than what is under the hood.  As a female, I must sharply disagree.  I am now accosted with images of a four-door BMW-esque luxury sedan sporting a V6, and a Corvette emblem on it…and let me tell you, it is frightening.
Four Door Corvette
Before you get too worked-over about this, realize that this rumor of GM toying with the idea of a four door Corvette has been around since the 1980s, it has just reemerged with the emergence of the large sized Porsche Panamera luxury sedan.  Competition is competition, but let’s not destroy an American classic in the process, call a Cadillac a Cadillac. 


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