Color Changing Materials for Cars? Welcome to the Future

One of the most difficult decisions when buying a new vehicle is selecting the right color for the interior. Sometimes there are so many options it can make one’s head spin, but Johnson Controls is working on making it spin from pure excitement with a potential method to make color changing materials a reality. (Cue the Jetson’s cartoon music).

color changing materials

Will the cars of the future be chameleon-like? The capacity to change the interior and possibly exterior color of one’s automobile is being tested. Note that is looking far into the future and likely won’t become commonplace in this life. Unless this generation stops gaming all day and begins cultivating actual brain cells to serve humanity. 

It is difficult to imagine having the freedom and power to effortlessly change the color of your car’s interior. The company experiments are aimed at changing colors on the fly, which sounds amazing. It is focused at offering owners more options in the aesthetics arena, but also works to assist with selling vehicles more easily. We all know how challenging it can be to sell a customized vehicle. Everyone wants to put their own signature on their vehicles, and this technology will certainly make that much more fun.

color changing materials

While the interior is a great thing, will they be focusing on easy change exterior auto paint? I would not be surprised if that patent is busy. Current testing is being conducted in Michigan, Dusseldorf, Holland and Shanghai, so it will have a nice degree of input during the discovery process. That is all that is known for now–we will share more information on this cool new venture as further information emerges over the next few years.

color changing materials

The color changing pro of the animal kingdom.

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