Cooler than Vanilla Ice: Scuba through the Earth’s Crust in Iceland

Silfra Rift Dive View

Photo Courtesy of Charles Hood

Looking for some action?  Perhaps you should hop a private jet charter and hit up Iceland…where you can dive through the Earth’s crust.  Talk about an extreme sport!  This could be more exhilarating than the all-new Ferrari 458 Italia rental Miami, with none of the heat.

Silfra Rift Dive Scuba Experience

Photo Courtesy of Charles Hood

If you are thinking, “What the hell?” you are close, but it is more like volcanoes.  Angry, angry volcanoes creating clashing continental plates forging an underwater abyss slicing deep into the core of the Earth, and you can slap on your flippers and check it out up close!  Yes, please.

Silfra Rift Dive Tectonic Plates

Photo Courtesy of Charles Hood

Silfra Rift Scuba Diving

Photo Courtesy of Charles Hood

It is called ‘Silfra Rift Dive’, an extreme scuba tour through a tectonic Icelandic rift that begins with a scenic trek through Silfra National Park.  Once you slip into your dry suit, you are set to submerge into the intimidating 60-foot crevasse of crystal-clear glacier water.  It likely feels like entering a bottled water commercial.

Silfra Scuba Diving Iceland

Photo Courtesy of Charles Hood

You will scuba to the bottom of the cavernous clear abyss, where you will permit the current to sweep you to the star attraction:  a centrally located canyon sprawling the length of a couple of football fields.  This is where the extreme dive takes a breathtaking and dramatic twist, as the Eurasian tectonic plate is on one side of you, and the American tectonic plate on the other, separated by your now ice cold rock hard body and some schools of sea-life.

The tectonic plates are pulled a bit further apart annually, due to periodic earthquakes and natural shifting patterns, creating an amazing maze of tunnels, nooks and crannies for the extreme explorer.  This definitely cooler than Vanilla Ice, admiting you are a fan could freeze up your rep.

Vanilla Ice

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