Ferrari to Unveil First 2011 Formula 1 Supercar

Ferrari F150 Formula 1 Racecar

In Formula One Racing news, Ferrari will be the first team to unveil their 2011 Formula 1 racecar, set to remove the wraps from the new Ferrari F150 at their Maranello headquarters as early as Friday.  The sexy Alonso (omit superhero chin) will be the first to break in the new beast on the track.  I wonder if Alonso is granted a Ferrari rental everywhere he travels…if I were him, that perk would be in my contract because its not like you can go from driving one of the worlds most illustrious supercars to say, a Nissan or other standard rental car.


Ferrari Driver Alonso

Moving on-this year’s Formula 1 Ferrari racecar has been named to honor the 150th anniversary of the reunification of Italy.  So will the new F150 Ferrari (not to be confused with the Ford version of the F150) make up for the just-missed drivers’ world title of 2010?  For those who do not know the story, a strategic error during the final race led to Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel snagging Fernando Alonso’s lead.  Ouch.

Ferrari F150 Formula 1

Alonso achieved victory in five races, entering the final grand prix 8 points clear of Vettel when the decision to make an early pit stop ended in disaster as Vettel proceeded to victory.

Ferrari Formula 1 Driver

The Ferrari F150 Formula 1 racecar will undergo a run at the Fiorano test track prior to arriving in Valencia, Spain for the first pre-season test February 1st.  Renault, Sauber and Lotus will reveal their Formula 1 cars on January 30th, and Red Bull, Mercedes and Toro Rosso will unleash theirs on February 1st. Overall, there is much acceleration to look forward to this year from Formula One Racing!


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