Cops Messin’ Up! 5 Can’t Miss Patrol Car Pictures

As fans and owners of luxury brand vehicles, it is always amusing to see cops in precarious situations, especially when those situations are self-inflicted!  Why, you ask?  Because exotic and luxury car rentals are pulled with serious frequency compared to standard cars.  Follow link for more on the most ticketed cars!


Slow down, the cop hides behind this sign”.  My first thought upon seeing this funny cop photo was curiosity as to if cops troll the Internet and find these sorts of pics entertaining.  I would like to think so!  I also wonder if the photo is authentic, if so the officer must have a personality and sense of humor-very cool.

Funny Cop Signs

The next three shots illustrate that in China, even law officers are not above the law!  This is made quite apparent by the patrol car stylishly fitted with a boot.  This could only be made funnier had it been one of the luxury Korean police cars!

Cop Car with a Boot

Cop Car Gets Ticket

Cop Gets Ticket

Last but certainly not least, this officer clearly did not notice the hard working people paving the roadways.  Embarrassing does not even begin to cover this; I recommend a refresher course in driver’s education before the cement dries.

Funny Cop Car Photos

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