Cops Snared in Luxury Speed Trap

Remember “Death Race 2012”? (That is what the event came to be called once it made headlines). Refresher: New Jersey police officers provided an escort for a fleet of supercars and exotic sports cars on Route 80, the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway, allowing the cars to reach high rates of speed with regular vehicles sharing the roadway. Charges have now been filed against the offending officers, leaving many to anxiously await the outcome of this bizarre story.

Death race

Police provided an unauthorized and improper escort for a group of luxury car owners, enabling them to speed from Northern New Jersey to Atlantic City, a 125-mile journey.

New Jersey police escort for luxury cars

The recipe for disaster simply could not be overlooked once the videos went viral–leading to criminal charges for the officers involved. According to state attorney general Jeffrey Chiesa,
“We will not tolerate officers who endanger the public. What they did was absolutely wrong.”


The illegal exotic caravan and its unlikely escort luridly interlaced among common traffic–sometimes reaching over 100 miles per hour, which is clearly a danger. Hey guys…hate to state the obvious here, but…reserve some track time. Also, wear a helmet…to prevent further damages.

New Jersey police escort for luxury cars

Officers are claiming no personal gain from providing the escort.

Former New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs was among those in the caravan of speed. Many drivers taped over their license plates in attempts to avoid trouble—a move that indicates awareness of wrongdoing. Cell phone cameras of shocked and excited onlookers captured the fast and furious frenzy, landing all over the net and aiding this loaded lawsuit considerably.

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