The Corvette Rental-Classic, Classy, Catchy

There is something simply special about a Corvette rental.  The classic lines and glittering coats of paint provoke a sexy suggestion of power.  Regardless if the paint chosen for a particular Corvette is vivid or muted, the distinctive luxury car demands respect and attention from all who stop to stare. 

South Florida pops with luxury rental cars, like this hot yellow Corvette I photographed on the streets of Key West this July.  Duval Street in Key West is the lively and busting strip where all the Yellow Corvetteaction is, and the yellow Corvette still caught my attention.  It was a glint of yellow perfection and impossible to ignore, there is just something about watching an exotic car pass by and wondering who is driving it.  I wondered if they were famous, or from an interesting place far away, enjoying the variety South Florida and the Florida Keys have to offer. 

A luxury rental car provides the added dose of excitement, adrenaline and attention that can set the vibe for your South Florida vacation.  It is likely this Corvette was rented in Miami and driven across the fabulous and scenic land bridges all the way to Key West.  The views of the Atlantic are truly a sight to soak in during the 4-hour trip from Miami to Key West, especially from behind the wheel of a fantastic rental car.

There is no mistaking the branded taillights of a Corvette, or the ripple effect of heads turning to gawk as it glides past.  The Corvette is the ideal rental option for any occasion, with that added pizzazz and history for a decidedly upscale yet sporty appeal for a beachside excursion. 

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals