Porsche To Be First Company To Use Sistine Chapel For Event

For the first time ever, a luxury automaker has been given the Pope’s blessing to utilize the illustrious Sistine Chapel for an event. It would seem that the Pope is a Porsche fan, as he has granted the company use of the chapel to host a set of 20-person corporate events. This could be the most talked-about Porsche event in history.

Porsche event Hilarious photo by blogger hereisjorgebergoglio! I could not have done better myself Jorge. 

Because this is the first time the Sistine Chapel has been ‘rented out’, so to speak, it has drawn worldwide attention to Porsche and the Pope. As we might expect, details are relatively sparse on the matter. Here is what little is known thus far:

  • There is to be a classical music concert held in the Sistine Chapel with a special Porsche dinner to follow.
  • The Porsche Travel Club experience will have access to the chapel during the tour of the Lazio region, which includes Rome.
  • Artwork by Michelangelo and Raphael (Not to be confused with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) will be on display for attendees.
  • As far as the exclusive Porsche Travel Club, the five day leg of that particular planned experience includes a price tag of around $6,500. That does not seem like much for such rare and luxurious accomodations.

Porsche Sistine ChapelOverall, it is fascinating to see the Pope entertaining Porsche so lavishly, as he has acquired a reputation for quite the opposite. Does this indicate that the Pope’s infamous motorcade could soon feature an adapted Porsche carrier? Be on the lookout, Mercedes-Benz!

Those interested in the Porsche Travel Club experience can follow link for further details on the official event page.

Porsche Sistine ChapelPope Francis perched in a bespoke Pope-mobile. Will the next one come courtesy of Porsche?

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