Day 2- Imagine Lifestyles Chicago- Trump Tower and Mercedes S550

So I woke up in the morning to the most gorgeous panoramic view of the Chicago River and skyline.  Trump International Hotel and Tower has forgotten no small detail.  I actually get to select a bottle of water from their "water bar"  called BLING.  After I drink it I see it costs $25.  What the hell, it’ll set the standard for the rest of my day. 

On my way out through the lobby, hotel concierge reiterated to me how excited they are to be able to promote our Chicago Luxury and Exotic car rental services.  Since we are the ONLY company in Chicago who will be providing these services, they are thrilled they finally get to meet their clients’ needs.  Today is going to be a long day as my goal is to acquire two luxury vehicles by close of the business day. 

I drive straight to Fletcher Jones Mercedes Benz of Chicago.  I know I am walking out of there with the highest-level S550 they have, but the details need to be figured out.  It’s so interesting how times have changed.  In today’s market,  not only do you have to have excellent credit and a high income, or established bmercedes luxury rental s550 car rental usiness history; you have to put a lot of cold hard cash down to be able to purchase a luxury vehicle.  This is why our company will be so sought after.  You can drive your dream car without it costing you as much as a down payment on a house. 

After several hours at the Mercedes dealership (and some friendly negotiations), I drove out with a gleaming fully loaded black-on-black Mercedes S550.  This car has every comfort you could imagine, from cooled seats to extra rear legroom; perfect for a chauffeured ride or a drive with the family. The first luxury sedan for our Chicago fleet is complete. Stats for the week- 2 cars down, several to go.

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