Trending: Shining Some Light on the Diamond Massage

There are endless ways to make money disappear, but is the diamond massage a thing? Seriously? It seems that there are individuals out there willing to part with anywhere from $300-$100k to be surrounded by diamonds and at times rubbed with them. To these innovative people I ask: Have you ever considered just milling about Cartier or perhaps a hot stone massage?

Diamond massage

For a price, you can shower yourself with diamonds. The precious stones can only become a permanent memory, as they are kept by the spas. 

Below is a small list of items that you could have for $25,000+ that are more exciting than being pampered by diamonds:

  • An exotic car in your garage all day everyday.
  • Any number of amazing pieces of art.
  • A few years of exotic car rentals, providing the shot to experience all the latest machines as they emerge. This is definitely more exciting than looking at shiny rocks, and we can prove that claim with ease.
  • Sanity.
  • A desperate housewife (yes, from the television series). But then, she may want something like a diamond or diamond massage.
  • A personal assistant willing to provide a cubic zirconia massage.

diamond massage

Gem spa treatments are increasing in popularity at luxury locations around the globe.

diamond massage

Businesses from Las Vegas to Abu Dhabi are billing the diamond massage as a way to ‘relieve stress’. It is unclear how throwing thousands of dollars at someone for what seems to be a short-lived thrill is a stress-relieving tool. It would seem, to even the most indulgent of souls, that would create stress. Overall, there is a market for the diamond massage and other luxury material meltdowns, or they would cease to exist.

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