Finally: Diesel Range Rovers For Sale in the United States

Not only will there be diesel Range Rovers available for sale Stateside at long last, but they will be modestly priced! It seems that the MSRP for the U.S. diesel Range Rovers is just under $68,000. The unprecedented move could attract an entirely new client base for the brand and perhaps lead to an enormous boost in sales. Worst case, it will simply make a handful of owners quite happy.

Diesel Range RoversPhotos ©Land Rover

Diesel Range Rovers are finally going to be a thing Stateside. It seems that the U.S. market is finally willing to re-accept diesel fueled offerings.

The diesel offering Stateside from Land Rover Range Rover is likely two-fold, working to boost numbers and also to conform to new and stricter environmental guidelines. These new regulations are taking effect in countries all over the world as they work together to reduce the negative environmental impact of all vehicles. The strategy to release diesel models to the United States was announced months ago and came as a pleasant surprise because many automakers only sell them to European and other countries. Now that many Americans are changing gears on how they view diesel, hybrid and electric automobiles, the market is changing shape.

The offerings will include the following 2016 Range Rover products:

  • The 3.0-liter Td6 V6 diesel will be available for just $1,500 more than its V6 petrol sibling
  • The Td6 Sport will begin at $67,445 with the larger Td6 coming in at $87,445
Diesel Range Rovers
Photos ©Land Rover

Land Rover is confident that the first U.S. diesel models will sell enough to cover any lagging sales elsewhere across the board. They will offer a fresh approach of options for U.S. buyers who have grown accustomed to standard gas-guzzlers. The market for diesel vehicles in America has grown close to 30% already, showing that many are open to change and not holding too tightly to preconceived notions that diesel fuel stinks. Think of the popular Volkswagen commercial with the old ladies chiming in on the matter when they say: “The pickup stinks with diesel”, bringing awareness to diesel while making it seem outdated to write it off—a brilliant strategy and cast. It was a fact in the past that diesel fuel held a more noticeable aroma, an issue that no longer exists with modern vehicles.

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