Ellen DeGeneres Trades in Porsche for a Ferrari

It appears that Ellen DeGeneres has traded in her traditionally preferred Porsche for a flashy black Ferrari California. The super celeb has a soft spot for Porsche brand, and her wife is even named Portia. No, she did not trade her wife in, she simply suffers from a newfound love of the Ferrari brand–which I certainly understand! Follow link for full details on our Ferrari California rental in Miami, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Ellen Degeneres Luxury Cars

Ellen takes the wheel with Porsche in tow. Typically showing up in red, Ellen chose the black Ferrari California

Over the years, Ellen is rarely spotted in anything other than a Porsche vehicle (a romantic gesture perhaps?), so it is interesting to see the star trying out the latest from Ferrari. You can experience the best from the brand, too, when you opt to rent the lifestyle! Trust us—it is far more affordable to rent an exotic car than to own one!

Ellen Degeneres Luxury Cars

Ellen and Portia in their usual luxury car, the Porsche

It is always fun to watch what celebrities are driving, especially the leader of all auto collectors: Jay Leno. I assume Leno would disapprove of Ellen’s swap, as he is often asked why he has never owned a Ferrari. Want the answer to that inquiry? Follow link and watch the short clip at the bottom to hear Lenos opinion on Ferrari brand, detailing why he prefers Lamborghini!

Ellen Degeneres

Not that this celebrity power couple always requires wheels!



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