Entertainer Pat Boone Purchases Luxury Estate on The Utopia Residential Ocean Liner

Legendary entertainer Pat Boone seems to have the right idea, as he has recently purchased a luxury residence aboard the Utopia Residential Ocean Liner.  I suppose a luxury yacht charter simply would not do!  So what exactly is the Utopia?
Utopia Residential Ocean Liner
Utopia is essentially a floating community, much like the World ResidenSea we have mentioned before.  Utopia actually means “An ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects.  This is a very fitting name, considering the fact that Utopia is a mega yacht of not only massive proportions, but also colossal social and cultural aspirations.


Pat Boone Utopia Megayacht

Utopia megayacht is offering 190 ultra-luxe residences up for sale in 2010.  While the official Utopia website does not list the prices, CNN Money reports that rates will range from $3.8 million for a 1,400 square foot condo to $24 million for a 6,600 square foot ‘estate’.  There may also be one 40,000 square foot home for $160 million.

Megayacht Utopia Residences

Utopia Residential Ocean Liner Deck

Utopia Luxury Yacht Residences

There are also 206 exotic hotel suites, a casino, a spa, theater, nightclubs, swimming pools and a private club onboard Utopia Residential Ocean Liner.  This is a mobile luxury hotel of epic proportions!

The social and cultural agendas for this floating high-society include port stops during major cultural and sporting events, such as the Cannes Film Festival, The Olympics, Carnaval, Monte Carlo Grand Prix, Melbourne Cup, Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival and other socially savvy global events of international acclaim.

The lucky owners of Utopia’s grand residences will also have the option of participating in the philanthropic causes of their choice while onboard, with swanky Gala fundraiser events hosted by Utopia’s philanthropic partnerships.

Pat Boone is an American actor, singer and writer, who was obviously very successful in the 1950s and early 1960s.  Boone covered black artist’s songs in the time of segregation and managed to sell more copies than his black counterparts.  I wonder if he will be doing any entertaining onboard Utopia?

 Utopia Residential Ocean Liner Floorplans

(Utopia floorplans)



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