Michael Jordan Builds A Monster

Michael Jordan Upgrades His Sleeping Arrangements

When you are the greatest basketball player ever and one of the most recognized athletes on the planet apparently you also develop a unique taste for real estate.  It also helps to have $20 million dollars at your disposal to create your newest dream home located just blocks away from Tiger Woods; palatial estate.  Located in Jupiter, FL, Michael Jordan’s new home is just what you would expect from the former Chicago Bull.  Located on Jack Nicklaus’ world famous Bear’s Club golf course, this mansion is built for a man who we all thought already had everything.  Playing 36 holes a day for this uber-competetive individual just got even easier though, and he can probably reserve a tee time pretty easily with a little name-dropping at the clubhouse. 

Michael Jordan's House

This 28,000 square-foot monster has the usually basketball court, workout facility, guest house, and even a cigar-friendly entertainment room.  No home would be complete in Florida without the pool either but Jordan went one step further with his own pool house included.  With 11 total bedrooms, Imagine Lifestyles is eagerly awaiting an invitation to come play some ball and bronze poolside with the man himself.  We will even bring our own cigars MJ!


Michael Jordan House Aerial View

If you are lucky enough to get an invitation, make sure to roll into the Bear’s Club in ultimate style and luxury with an exotic car rental.  We would suggest the Lamborghini LP-560 exotic rental car, which would draw some looks from the whole neighborhood, including Michael Jordan.

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