This Week in Miami: Free Jazz Concerts Under the Stars

The arts are a colossal part of the international allure of South Beach and Miami.  For that reason, you can find something special to do pretty much any given day in the city by the sea, such as a free jazz concert under the stars! 

MoCA Jazz Concets Under the Stars Yes, on the last Friday of every month, MoCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) hosts a jazz concert under the stars.  It is the perfect event for families, couples, and groups of friends.  The weather in South Florida is generally gorgeous everyday, and spreading out a blanket under the stars to enjoy smooth jazz music with other locals and some savvy tourists has all the makings for a fabulous evening!  A fabulous evening that you can repeat every month if you desire.

With the arts being such an integral part of Miami’s rich international culture, there are an array of events available to choose from at any given time.  The options keep things exciting, and help to instill a sense of worldly knowledge by educating residents and visitors alike on exotic cultures from around the world.  Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Miami offers dazzling ballet and modern dance productions, symphonies, glitzy opera nights, informative museums, swanky art gallery exhibits, lavish festivals, celebrity performances (and spottings), and local events like jazz under the stars.  Stretching out under the stars may have been what inspired Vincent Van Gogh to create his famed piece, "Starry Night", pictured at the right. 

Being seduced by jazz music on a blanket under the stars is a great way to bring communities together, and form a sense of unity while relaxing during the balmy summer nights we have coming up.  And you can always “jazz” this event up a notch, by indulging in a luxury car rental to make it an extra special occasion!  A luxury convertible rental Miami style is perfect to take in the summer air all night, perhaps a Porsche 911 convertible rental?  I think a helicopter charter would be a bit dramatic for this event, unless you are James Bond.   For further information on MoCA and the jazz nights, call 305-893-6211.


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