82-Year-Old Lands Upside Down in a Bentley

An aging lady driver with a preference for the finer cars in life made headlines by landing upside down in a Bentley. The woman emerged unscathed from the crash, which occurred when she drove the car over a ledge and landed it upside down on top of another car! There were no occupants in the vehicle crushed by the Bentley.

exotic car crashesThe result looked rather like an expensive game of Tetris. The only photo of the accident comes from the local Athens Banner-Herald, on scene in Georgia.

The car crashed was a 2000 Bentley Arnage, a rather robust and formidable beast which clearly doubles as a protective pod. The Bentley Arnage punishes the scales at around 2.5 tons and boasts an impressive crash test rating—think of them as luxury tanks. Officers on the scene described the state of the car crushed beneath the Arnage, stating that it appeared to have gone through the crusher. Had there been people inside, they surely would not have survived the impact.

The woman driving her Bentley Arnage tank was searching for a parking spot around 10 in the morning at the time of the crash. She located a spot, and while maneuvering into it, mistook the gas pedal for the brakes, and promptly accelerated into another vehicle. That vehicle was then pushed over a curb, through a fence and over a ledge. The Bentley then followed, landing upside-down on top of said car. According to reports: “Other than some minor scrapes and bruises, she’s fine. She was very alert, aware and with it.” An experience such as that would certainly create a sense of alertness that no cup of Joe could match!

2000 Bentley ArnageOverall, this exotic car crash is one for the archives–and all involved will likely never forget the luck that was had that day!

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