82-Year-Old Lands Upside Down in a Bentley

exotic car crashes

An aging lady driver with a preference for the finer cars in life made headlines by landing upside down in a Bentley. The woman emerged unscathed from the crash, which occurred when she drove the car over a ledge and landed it upside down on top of another car! There were no occupants in the vehicle crushed by the Bentley.

The result looked rather like an expensive game of Tetris. The only photo of the accident comes from the local Athens Banner-Herald, on scene in Georgia.

The car crashed was a 2000 Bentley Arnage, a rather robust and formidable beast which clearly doubles as a protective pod. The Bentley Arnage punishes the scales at around 2.5 tons and boasts an impressive crash test rating—think of them as luxury tanks. Officers on the scene described the state of the car crushed beneath the Arnage, stating that it appeared to have gone through the crusher. Had there been people inside, they surely would not have survived the impact. read more

Exotic Car Crashes:15-Year-Old Russian Goalie Buys & Wrecks Aston Martin

exotic car crashes

How much does a 15-year-old Russian goalie make? They make enough to pay cash for a shiny new Aston Martin, apparently. Young Konstantin P, a goalkeeper for the Zenith-94 team, purchased the exotic sports car and then crashed it just three days later in an accident involving a Volkswagen Tiguan. Exotic car crashes sometimes have fascinating back stories.

The aftermath of the Aston Martin crash: That most definitely will not buff out.

The clincher of this exotic car crash saga is that Konstantin did not have a…you know…driver’s license. While all parties involved are ok, the story is simply outlandish because of the capacity for such a young athlete to afford such extravagances and the fact that it was permitted to proceed unobstructed when he is not even legally allowed to drive. I know what you are thinking: Well, it is Russia. read more

Angry Wife Crashes Her Porsche into Hubby’s Maserati

women crashing cars

Recently in China two luxury vehicles became the victims of a domestic dispute. An angry wife reportedly tailed her husband around the streets of Chongquing, ending the journey by planting her canary yellow Porsche Cayenne Turbo into back of her husband’s burgundy Maserati Quattroporte. I would divorce this woman on principle alone…or downgrade her to a Ford Festiva. On the other hand, women crashing cars is typically entertaining for those uninvolved (those without injury, obviously).  read more

Drive It Like You Stole It: Couple Crashes Lamborghini Just After Purchase

Lamborghini crash

A California couple likely experienced a monumental high when they purchased a 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago in La Jolla. The pair also hit rock bottom, when they crashed the Lamborghini into a wall just hours after the purchase! The strange twist to this Lamborghini crash is that the couple fled the crash scene, leaving police to piece together to puzzle.

Couple buys and crashes Lamborghini within hours–abandon the supercar at the scene!

It is quite bizarre to simply abandon a $220,000 supercar on the street following a crash. Is a police report not handy during an insurance claim? Baffled police were forced to impound the vehicle while they searched for the owners. Documents inside the car revealed that it was purchased mere hours before the crash. According to reports, there is no indication the vehicle had been stolen, and no persons reported it as such. read more

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Upside Down in Water!

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG crash

The Mercedes SLS AMG packs a power punch…one that can be a challenge to control! Check out the aftermath of a power check in China. A driver in Liupanshui lost control of the Gullwing, nailed a curb and catapulted into a pond, upside down. China boasts a vast population…therefore, this little number was online within seconds.

While the photos look gruesome, no one was seriously injured. The Mercedes Gullwing has an incredible safety feature that many are unaware of: A mechanism simply blows the hinges off the doors in situations like this, allowing the driver and occupants to exit to safety. How James Bond! Does Aston Martin know about this? read more