Exotic Restaurants Miami-Meet “Ola”

Those who know and love Miami for its cultural offerings are well aware that Latin food and Miami are not strangers.  It is for that reason it can often be difficult for Latin restaurants to stand out in the city.  Meet “Ola”, an exotic Latin restaurant that is so good, it is decidedly naughty.

Located within the Sanctuary Hotel, which is tucked away discreetly, Ola feels modern, soft and relaxing.  The recessed lighting and cucumber and melon hues are accented with rich dark wood, a hip décor complemented by soft modern music.

Ola offers charisma and tempts the palate with a unique infusion of Latin cuisine, it is something special among the rest and a “must-try” while in South Beach.  Ola Miami Nuevo Latin Cuisine

Ola is the creation of master chef Doug Rodriguez, who happens to be a pioneer of Nuevo Latino Cuisine.  Rodriguez oversees operations of several hit restaurants, including Philly’s Alma de Cuba and Manhattan’s Patria. 

Nuevo Latino Cuisine is a modern take on traditional Latin cooking. Elements of the Caribbean and Latin America have been blended over time to reveal new flavor infusions.  The new ingredients and techniques are exquisite and infused with such exotic flavors as yuzu, jasmine and blood orange-not your typical Peruvian classics. 

If you visit Ola, try the plantain-crusted Mahi over a braised oxtail stew or the Churrasco steak with asparagus and crabmeat sauce, you will understand the excitement that has been generated by this new generation of culinary experts. And Miami is the perfect place for Ola, as it is the home for all that is luxury, including shopping, exotic rental cars and upscale lifestyle.

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