Exotic Travel Tip: Athens, Greece

Athens AcropolisAhh Greece…not to be confused with the famous film (Grease).  Many people associate this exotic travel destination with gods, goddesses, coliseums and splendor-which makes it an ideal escape into something entirely fresh.  Greece is an upscale escape into a fantasy of centuries past.

Athens derives its name from the Goddess of wisdom, Athena.  According to legend, she won the city after defeating Poseidon, God of the sea, in a duel.  To celebrate this victory, the temple on Acropolis was constructed, and is the earliest settlement-which may make it an ideal starting point. 

Between 461 BC and 429 BC, there was an unprecedented spate of construction, resulting deliciously in most of the great classical structures in Greece, including the Parthenon, Erechtheion, Hephaisteion and the temple at Sounion.  Many of these structures are regarded as the icons of Ancient Greece and remain prominent tourist attractions to this day. 

Greece is much more than physical beauty, however.  The city is flooded with achievements in the intellectual arts arena as well-including the foundations of Western philosophy.  Greece Vacation

Some of the best museums, natural beauty, Greek cuisine and entertainment await you in beautiful Greece.  Quaint cafes, tavernas, markets and a maze of streets serve to entwine visitors with the threads of history that weave this wonderful city together.

The port at Piraeus is the undisputable industrial and economic powerhouse of the country, and the 2004 Olympic Games prompted a flurry of new construction and development. 

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The developments in Greece prior to the Olympic Games included the extension of the metro system, a new airport, sports venues, hotel upgrades, museum renovations, and the creation of a traffic-free “archaeological promenade”.  The vivacious history and depth of this country make it an irresistible exotic travel destination.  And do not forget that the Greek Islands, such as Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete are just a short jaunt away!  Opa!

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