Luxury Hotel Tip: Hotel Ritz Madrid

Hotel Ritz MadridQuite possibly the grandest hotel in Madrid, the Ritz will be celebrating its centenary next year, which only serves to pay homage to its correspondingly formal and antique style of luxury. 

The Ritz Madrid is more of an exclusive palace, enviably located in proximity to the Prado and the Thyssen Museum deep in the heart of Madrid.

Built in 1910 in accordance with the wishes of King Alfonso XIII, Hotel Ritz successfully transformed Madrid from a diminutive provincial town into one of the truly stellar European cities, capable of receiving and accommodating aristocracy and dignitaries in exquisite style.

The atmosphere of the Hotel Ritz Madrid is of understated and ultra-lavish ambiance, old money and crème.  A true belle-epoque meets Louis XVI style that endures. The Ritz Madrid was designed by the renowned Charles Mewes.  The splendid work of Mewes can be noted at the Ritz’s in Paris and London as well as Madrid. 

Since its inception, the luxury hotel has provided some of the very best upscale dining, entertainment, and accommodations available in the sensual and cultural Madrid.  Offering the highest standards of gourmet cuisine and the very best atmosphere, the Ritz serves up sophistication.  Roman Lounge-Ritz Madrid

Within the Ritz Madrid are Goya Restaurant, Velazquez Bar, Lobby Bar, and entrancingly elegant gardens and terrace areas.  For a truly memorable gourmet dining experience, Goya Restaurant it is.  Other edible amenities include an afternoon tea in the Lobby Bar, or superb al fresco dining on the terrace overlooking the Ritz Madrid gardens, manicured to perfection. 

Service at the Ritz Madrid is attentive yet discreet, with a welcoming and friendly staff.  What are you waiting for? Your exotic Spanish escape awaits you at the Ritz Madrid!  Do not overlook the importance of an exotic rental car during your adventures, however.  Barreling along the intensely striking streets of Spain in an exotic rental car would be amazing, and pulling up to valet at the Ritz would cement the ideal escape. 

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