Fashion Week in Miami Beach: Ocean Drive’s Catastrophe for Escada

Wednesday night the 24th of September it poured rain on Miami Beach. We blogged about the Miami Fall Fashion Week begining on Monday, but there was not much to be excited for until Wednesday nights Escada Show.  The Escada show was meant to be an outdoor lounge event (where we saw the Chloe Summer show) at the Setai Hotel. However, on account of the rain the entire event was haphazardly moved into the hotel’s lobby. Rain is unfortunate but in Miami Beach in September, it rains every 5 minutes and Ocean Drive should have been prepared.

As we walked up to the Setai Hotel a crowd of people were pushing to get past the velvet ropes. Literally pushing, some man who apparently works for a top level media out on Miami Beach, threw a hissy fit/ tantrum trying to get in. There aren’t even words to describe how rude or grotesquely embarrassing he was and it was totally unprofessional. Get yourself together man!

Normally members of the media are ushered right into events but last night amid the drama and chaos, we had to wait outside for about 10 minutes. That wasn’t even bad compared to most people who had been waiting for an hour in the rain. Then were turned away on account of the fire marshall. The scene was a mess and a half.

Once in the lobby it didn’t get much better, no one could move and it felt like a million degrees inside. The bar was a mess with bowls of olives and nuts spilled all over. The show was hosted by Orzel Vodka but there was no open bar, which came off cheap and tacky. We ran into the Orzel key account manager Nes Rueda and he didn’t have anything to say about it. No one knew the fashion show had even started because of the mob scene. Instead of an actual runway show, the models were sent to walk around, pause and pose for a few moments. What we did get to see of the ’08 Escada Fall Collection we liked. The long dresses were goddess-like and sophisticated and the separates were mature, yet sexy. It was such a shame that it had to rain and Ocean Drive didn’t have a suitable plan B.

On a nicer note, we spotted an attending guest wearing a full feather bolero jacket and out of curiosity asked her who she was wearing. She told us it was designed by her friend Carolina Fernandez. We were immediately introduced to Fernandez and found out that she’s a new designer just moved down from Manhattan. Carolina Fernandez began doing fur designs not too long ago and has slowly been expanding into other animal mediums, grrrr! Fernandez’s line is called Cariox and we are hoping for a sneak peak of her showroom designs immediately. She was adorable and has been in the industry for at least a decade.

We were handed an Escada gift bag that included the new Ocean Drive Mag, an Orzel beer bottle opener and a gift card for 10% off a Setai Hotel Spa service. Yawn! We left after an hour and there you have the highlights and low points of  last nights Escada show. Ya’ll stay tuned for the Perry Ellis show experience tomorrow night, should be amusing…