Ferrari Challengers Flock to Florida

The Ferrari Challenge is an exclusive affair for Ferrari clientele. It is a weekend of gentlemen’s racing and fraternizing. The event was designed for amateur Ferrari drivers to perfect their driving ability in the most technologically advanced Ferrari machinery available. Thus, Ferrari owners get to enjoy some friendly competition and make status quo friends. The Ferrari Challenge features the now famous Ferrari F430 race, the FXX program and the Formula One Program, each program growing in prestige within the Ferrari racing world. In short, the Ferrari Challenge is a really big deal to people who appreciate a good-looking exotic and they will basically all be there.  


Six race events are planned in America for 2009. The first of which will kick off on March 19th at the Homestead Speedway in Miami, FL. The event will last through March 22nd in Miami and then move on to the next track. Access fees into the Ferrari Challenge range from $120 to $2400 and up. It all depends on whether you’re watching from the stands or you’re driving in on your own prancing horse to race. Imagine Lifestyles will be at the Ferrari Challenge representing our Ferrari exotics, racing and mingling in the private members only lounges. We will keep you posted.