The First Philippines Supercar? Meet the Aureio Concept

What has a handmade chassis, carbon fiber and scissor doors? It is the very first Philippines supercar concept, the Aurelio. It is still a concept in its infancy, but high hopes have been attached to this endeavor as it would launch the Philippines into the supercar arena. The looks are not terrible for a brand new idea, though there is a bit of a road ahead of this little lady before she is ready to accelerate alongside the longstanding players.

Philippines SupercarThe Aurelio is coated in a feisty yellow and appears thirsty. 

At this stage in the game, the startup is being called Factor Aurelio Automobile (FAA) and the Aurelio supercar concept is their first and only product. The design is a collaboration between Kevin Factor and Pacita Fibertech. Factor is a young engineering student and this would be a game changer for his budding career.

Philippines supercar

The Aurelio supercar concept at a glance:

  • The chassis is entirely handmade rather than outsourced.
  • VR4 suspension. Power could stem from a 2.0-liter Mitsubishi 4G63T turbo or a Honda VTEC 16-valve, it is not certain.
  • 18-inch Rota alloy wheels finish off the low-slung appearance. Does she have enough curb appeal to compete in the high-stakes exotic sports car world?

Philippines supercar

Overall, there does not seem to be too much activity pushing this project forward. It would certainly be interesting to see this vehicle a few years down the road after some initial tweaking and maturation. There are apparent styling cues that mirror major brands of today like the Ferrari Italia, a touch of Lamborghini aesthetics and even a hint of McLaren. In the end, it will depend on production funding and how much power and adrenaline the Aurelio is able to produce.

AurelioPost by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals