Video: 9-Year-Old Drives a Ferrari F430 with 5-Year-Old Sibling

Police in New Delhi have arrested a man after a YouTube video went viral of his 9-year-old son driving a Ferrari F430. The proud mother filmed the boy driving with his 7-year-old sibling in the passenger seat, boasting that he had been driving since age 5. The mother also shared that the children had also driven the family’s Bentley, Lamborghini and other exotic vehicles. Facepalm.

WATCH: 9 year old drives a Ferrari F430. Note the crowds of children running amok in the street as the kids drive the supercar in a dangerous neighborhood joyride. 

When the footage went viral, police were forced to address the issue. The father was arrested on charges of endangering the life of a child and allowing a minor to drive. He was also released on $92 bail. The family fortune was amassed through tobacco and real estate endeavors, and $92 dollars is similar to a fraction of a penny to them.

Ferrari F430

The father was released on a bail of 5,000 rupees, or $92 USD. Note to parents: Police frown on videos posted of children driving supercars

The video was created to commemorate the boy’s 9th birthday, and his request was to drive the Ferrari F430. India’s economic boom has led to the formation of a new class of super wealthy people. The excesses of the nuevo rich often make headlines—but this is a bit on the Lindsay Lohan side. The family now realizes that police do have internet access and that children should not be permitted to operate a motor vehicle…certainly not an intensely powerful Italian supercar like the Ferrari F430.

Ferrari F430

The child had been driving the family fleet since age 5. The father owns 18 luxury vehicles estimated to be worth about $4 million dollars. 


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