Video: 9-Year-Old Drives a Ferrari F430 with 5-Year-Old Sibling

Police in New Delhi have arrested a man after a YouTube video went viral of his 9-year-old son driving a Ferrari F430. The proud mother filmed the boy driving with his 7-year-old sibling in the passenger seat, boasting that he had been driving since age 5. The mother also shared that the children had also driven the family’s Bentley, Lamborghini and other exotic vehicles. Facepalm.

WATCH: 9 year old drives a Ferrari F430. Note the crowds of children running amok in the street as the kids drive the supercar in a dangerous neighborhood joyride.  read more

WTH: Toyota Corolla Mistaken for a Ferrari F430

Ferrari F430

Every once in a while, something scrumptiously hilarious emerges in the auto world—like this Toyota Corolla that was mistaken for a Ferrari F430! While it may sound like a joke, as not everyone is a supercar expert, it is true. Some modification companies are quite talented—leaving the Internet wide open for blunders like this!

The CorollaFerrari F430 

When this Toyota Corolla rolled through the bustling streets of Bangalore, India recently, people stopped in their tracks to gawk and whistle. Nearly everyone assumed it was the fabulous Ferrari F430 sports car! The Toyota’s owner had dropped some dough to transform the car into a supercar (from the outside, anyway!). read more