Ferrari FF Hatchbacks Invade Maranello!

The video clip below shows Ferrari’s first-ever 4-wheel drive, 4-seater, hatchback luxury cars taking the streets of Maranello, Italy by storm! A Ferrari family car just seems so bizarre, but I must admit that I prefer to see Ferrari FF hatchbacks trickling down the streets than another bleeding Honda Civic. I firmly believe that the sea of U.S. cars is 74.3% Civics…

Ferrari FF Hatchback

The Ferrari FF Hatchback makes other hatchbacks green with envy

Sadly, Maranello is the only city where one can see Ferrari FF cars rolling about right now. I bet that encountering an FF in Maranello is similar to spotting a Honda Civic stateside…no big deal. The Italian supercars have undergone extensive and ongoing road tests, including specialized testing on snow and ice to ensure the 4-wheel drive functions flawlessly in all-weather conditions. Click here to read more about the Ferrari FF ice testing!

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Ferrari FF car

Will a sedan-ish Ferrari become common?





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