Top 10 Pics of India’s Insane Infrastructure & Lamborghini’s Approach to that Market!

While some see cavernous potholes on India’s roads, Lamborghini sees opportunity. With a surging new crop of millionaires eagerly buying luxury items, Lamborghini has created a clever way to draw attention to their fleet of exotic sports cars. The rumor is that Lamborghini is fitting India units with a specialized “lifting system” to better scale the rugged roadways along with the ability to run on regular gasoline and high-octane fuel. These cars are so low to the ground that a lifting system would be awesome on our Lamborghini rentals…you can get one caught on a discarded coffee cup.

India traffic
In case you are unfamiliar with the harsh reality that is India’s infrastructure…the above photo is quite accurate.

So why go to such pains to cater to India? According to Deepesh Rathore, managing director for HIS Automotive,
“Every month there is a new segment of buyers for these cars. People don’t take out loans to buy a Lamborghini.”

There you have it. The new millionaires springing up all over India have created a stocked sport fishing hole like no other for luxury carmakers. It is vital for them to take advantage of the opportunity to sell units, to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak. Ferrari is also doing well in the region, with plans to open at least four dealerships. With any hope, eventually the new money will build a suitable form of infrastructure in the country…sigh.

India traffic

Look at the sheer volume of traffic, it is like NY

Neelesh Hundekari’s explanation for India’s insatiable supercar appetite is clear and makes the most sense:
“A car is the biggest status symbol you can have. Indians are seeking status, and having been deprived so long, there is a lot of pent- up demand.” Hunderkari is the principal and head of A.T. Kearney’s luxury and lifestyle practice in India, so he knows his stuff.

Indian Rickshaws

Rickshaws are a popular form of transportation in India

Indian traffic

Though I am not sure how safe I would feel in a rickshaw when Indians seriously cannot drive or merge…


Right of way? More like get out of the way!

India traffic

Yes, they are serious with this.

Indian Rickshaws
Rush hour is every hour in India.


I think I would just fly to work


Or take my trusty steed…



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