Robert De Niro to Portray Enzo Ferrari in ‘Ferrari’ Movie

Attention racing fans: There is a new film coming out titled simply ‘Ferrari’, and Robert De Niro shall portray Enzo Ferrari! The Ferrari movie is to shed more light on the life of Enzo Ferrari, offering up additional details on his fascinating existence and, of course, those dream machines.

Ferrari movie

For those ‘Furious 7’ fans wondering what automotive movie will emerge next, it seems that ‘Ferrari’ is already in the works and will offer a glimpse of the brand’s rich history.

News of the upcoming movie emerged in an Italian publication, II Messaggero, which sort of rhymes with De Niro–a cute coincidence I did not miss. To make matters a bit more Hollywood, it seems that Clint Eastwood may have expressed an interest in manning the director’s chair for the film. Robert De Niro has confirmed his role in the feature, stating that it will absorb his full focus when production begins.

Ferrari movie

The movie ‘Ferrari’ will give viewers a more intimate view of the brand’s founder, who was born in 1898. Enzo Ferrari worked at Alfa Romeo during his blossoming early career, and began the bold Ferrari badge following WWII in 1947. It will cover the exciting early races of Formula 1, where Ferrari held the privilege of being the only racing team to compete in every season since the beginning of the world championship in 1950.

FerrariOverall, Enzo Ferrari has been gone since 1988—but his endless legacy continues with each Ferrari car made and now pushes forward with another movie that will live on forever. It will be interesting to see which stars also end up on the cast list of ‘Ferrari’, and if any of them have previously been associated with automotive films or history. Who knows, perhaps every Ferrari purchased following will come with a copy!

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