A Ferrari Parking Situation

Jersey Shore’s Mike Sorrentino has apparently allowed his small time reality show star status to go to his head, as he has had a bit of a parking situation in his Ferrari. It seems that Sorrentino feels that he is superior to the handicapped, jackknifing his Ferrari into a disabled spot, causing a man with a cane to park elsewhere and hobble around the luxury car. This guy is socially handicapped.

The Situation Parks Ferrari

I realize Sorrentino is super-busy with his ‘gym, tanning & laundry’ regimen, but if he lacks the time to properly park, perhaps hire a chauffeur? What is it with reality stars…it seems their heads expand and they are unable to foresee that the limelight is not permanent in their situation. (I cannot stop with the situation jabs…). 

It is never cool to park in a spot designated for the handicapped, regardless of your ego situation. The good people at TMZ captured the entire thing, it is awesome that they are out there showing the true colors of celebs. Thanks to technology, no amount of PR can rescue some stars from themselves!
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A representative of Sorrentino has not responded to calls from TMZ, and he could get tacked with a parking fine. Aside from a parking faux pas, things are much the same for the cast member, fist pumping and chasing grenades!

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