Adrenaline Rush:Track Only LaFerrari XX Coming

For the Ferrari fans, there will soon be a track only version of the hyperbeast that is the LaFerrari. She will be dubbed the LaFerrari XX, with the XX being a designation assigned to the experimental Prancing Horses in the stable.

LaFerrari XXLaFerrari will have a track-only sister very soon. 

LaFerrari XX will join the likes of the FXX, FXX Evolution, 599XX and 599XX Evolution in its development process. With the LaFerrari already a stunning specimen of what a supreme hypercar can be, it should be equally intoxicating in track format. Antonello Coletta, head of Ferrari’s new Sporting Activity Department, spilled the good news. Coletta stated the following: “Now we are working on the new hypercar for the circuit, the LaFerrari XX. I hope that the new car will arrive on the circuit in January or February of next year.”

LaFerrari XXThe main focus of the track-only LaFerrari will not be in altering the performance specifications, but rather, tweaking the handling of the monster for improved track use. When they finish with LaFerrari, she should be fit to maneuver a track flawlessly with all 950 horses behind her. LaFerrari was engineered for road use, so it is only natural that some changes be made for a separate purpose, including weight reduction, wheels, tires, suspension, electronic stability, traction control, downforce and aerodynamics.  LaFerrari XXThe Ferrari XX cars are mostly kept and maintained by Ferrari itself, with the owners visiting the vehicles on occasion and providing important feedback on their performance. It is like a legal visitation schedule for only the most loyal and elite Ferrari customers. Will the track only LaFerrari always be an XX? It is possible, and we never see a Ferrari XX model made available to just anyone!

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