Ferrari to Halt Availability in Favor of Exclusivity

Ferrari SpA has announced plans to halt production volume in favor of maintaining brand exclusivity for future high-end supercars. Ferrari chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo revealed the following to reporters at a recent strategy presentation at the company’s Maranello headquarters: “We made this decision because it is important also for the dealer cultures. Dealers must understand that quality is important, not just quantity.”


Ferrari will reduce supercar sales to fewer than 7,000 units annually in order to maintain brand exclusivity

The Prancing Horse will produce fewer than 7,000 units in the future, having sold 7,318 in 2012. The units sold will be ultra-cusomized, high-end supercars intended for an elite consumer base. With the recent release of the $1.32 million dollar LaFerrari, this news certainly seems feasible.


Not only is the all-new LaFerrari an all-out hypercar, there is talk that the next-gen version will go after the title of ‘Fastest Production Car in the World’, which was recently stripped from the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport following the discovery of a glitch in the official rules. The rules state that the Fastest Production Car must be sold with the capacity to reach the speed hit to nab the title, and the Veyron SS was mechanically topped at a reduced speed.


The Ferrari brand is also involved in a budding relationship with Apple to enhance technology in its models. The Ferrari FF hatchback models will feature Apple iPads and other perks. Apple senior vice president Eddy Cue, who joined the Ferrari board last year, is overseeing the new product lines.


The LaFerrari was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this year with a jaw-dropping price tag

Ferrari’s first-quarter trading profit surged 43 percent thanks to a combination of revenue from customization projects, higher sales and contributions from product licensing. Will the brand survive a cut of around 320 units in production if the pricing per unit is higher? They seem convinced it is the right road, so we will see how the year progresses for the mighty Horse.


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