Flooded Ferrari in Toronto Has Cool Back Story

It seems that the viral photo of the flooded Ferrari in Toronto has an interesting back story. The owner is lawyer Howard A. Levitt and he was in a rush to make it to Ottowa for a hearing. Levitt made the ultimate sacrifice: abandoning his beloved sports car in favor of the client’s best interest. And to think lawyers have such a bad reputation!

Flooded FerrariLawyer Howard A. Levitt left his Ferrari California to mother nature in order to make it to a hearing on time. This particular model costs approximately $200,000 USD.

While this cannot cover for the maneuvers of all legals, this guy certainly puts his clients first. The flooded 2010 Ferrari California made headlines around the globe as it became submerged in the parking structure where it was left. Levitt had to endure the pain of watching the waters engulf the car prior to his departure.

Levitt called for a tow truck as the floodwaters began to rise around the Ferrari. When it became clear that the truck would never arrive on time, he made the difficult decision to open the doors and bail. Opening the doors allowed the floodwaters to enter the exotic sports car, which was likely meticulously maintained as most are. I cannot imagine the heartbreak he must have experienced during the moment the water entered the cockpit and after.

Flooded Ferrari

The flooding was the result of a torrential downpour that nailed Toronto, leaving standing water all over the city. Many supercars like Ferrari tend to hug the ground, making them prone to damage from water or overzealous speed bumps. Basically, if you reside in a wet or all-terrain area, buy a Land Rover.

The excitement of this saga continued all the way into the airport, where Levitt discovered that all flights to Ottawa were cancelled. Undeterred, the tenacious lawman simply went to another airport and managed to catch the last flight to Ottawa and made his hearing on time the following morning.

Flooded Ferrari

Levitt also owns a Jaguar and a Viper, so he will still be rolling to the office in style while his Ferrari is patched up or replaced!

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