How Not to Drive a Million-Dollar Lamborghini Concept Car

The video below captured the demise of a million-dollar Lamborghini concept car. The unexpected crash occurred during a demo at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The festival has certainly been making headlines this year in a variety of arenas, including this crash, the sale of a $29 million dollar Mercedes-Benz racecar and more!

Watch the multi-million dollar Lamborghini concept car overshoot the turn and slam into bales of hay. At least the bales were there to somewhat absorb the blow–though they are about as effective as water from a high-dive. 

The crashed Lamborghini prototype is called the Parcour. The Lamborghini Parcour is as off-road and aesthetically different as the brand gets. The description off-roading is to be taken lightly–there are simply larger wheels and more space between the car and the road than usual. It actually looks like a Lamborghini and American muscle car love child.

Lamborghini concept car

A stark contrast to its predecessors, the Parcour prototype rides higher. With the brand skimming the road for so many decades, it is certainly a challenge to warm up to!

Just two Lamborghini Parcour prototypes exist. The concept was unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show this year. It packs a mid-mounted V10 engine freeing up 550 horses. As is typical with luxury concept cars, it could be a few years before an actual production version of this car emerges, if ever.

Lamborghini concept car

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is packed with more events than some cars pack horses. There are fine auto shows, racing events, auctions and the infamous Hill Climb attracts thousands. It is not unusual for exotic cars to crash during the events.

Lamborghini concept car

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