Former Racecar Driver Loses Porsche to a Museum

Be careful with what you agree to do with your luxury car, it could come back to bite you.  Such seems to be the case with former racecar driver Reginald “Don” Whittington, who allegedly lent his Porsche 935 K3 to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum, did so on a handshake.  The museum, however, claims Whittington gave the Porsche to them.

Ahh litigation.  In the end, the museum has gotten its way, having won the case and the rights to keep the rare Porsche on display.  Ouch.  People, it is 2010, not 1910-have we learned nothing?  Always back up your deals in writing.  This is definitely worthy of an eyeroll, at Whittington, for being lessWhittington's Porsche 935 K3 on Display at Museum than witty.

According to museum Director Ellen Bireley,

“We are thrilled that we won the case and that the car will be able to remain in our collection for the visitors to see.”

We are sure you are, and we suppose Mr. Whittington is welcomed to come and ogle his former Porsche as a visitor?  Hmm. 

Everything was peaceful until 2004, when Whittington contacted the museum in attempts to get his vintage Porsche returned.  The museum said no., claiming it was gifted to them.  At the time, Whittington was operating an aircraft leasing and sales operation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Well, at least he will always have his memories of driving the Porsche 935 K3, and if he feels uncomfortable about visiting it at it’s museum display, he can always have friends snap a pic or two while they do.

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