Pininfarina Ends Manufacturing, Returns to Design


Coachbuilding is a cutthroat business, and only the best of the best survive to make a profit. Legendary design firm Pininfarina has announced that it will exit the car building business and return to its roots—design and engineering. Think Pininfarina Ferrari designs and the most expensive Ferrari P4/5, a memorable example!

P4/5 Ferrari

P4/5 Ferrari by Pininfarina

Pininfarina says it intends to cease producing luxury cars in order to free up resources for design and engineering endeavors, which happens to be the company’s strong suit, to say the least! The company points the finger at the economic climate that has hung like a stubborn raincloud over its parade.

Earlier this year Pininfarina sold its stake in a joint Volvo venture so that it could build the C70 convertible in a Sweden plant. Approximately 127 employees will be laid off and around $4 million in remunerations will be paid.

P4/5 Ferrari

Pininfarina is fabulous at anything it attempts

Some of the world’s best designs have been created by Pininfarina, including standard Ferraris for about 55 years, so this is a resilient brand that will position itself for continued success.

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