That Green LaFerrari at 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed

The LaFerrari hypercar generates ample attention and excitement in its natural state. Factor in a shocking choice of exterior color, and you get a stampede of Prancing Horses spreading headlines like wildfire! That is precisely what happened with the green LaFerrari at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Green LaFerrariThat green LaFerrari everyone has been talking about (and I mean everyone!) is owned by Jay Kay of Jamiroquai. The music group must be doing exceedingly well, seeing as how Jay Kay also owns a Ferrari F40 and a Ferrari Enzo. I will admit I had to Google what exactly Jamiroquai is…because if they are that successful I should know who they are. For those as clueless as I–it is a British funk and acid jazz band formed in 1992.

Jay Kay talks a bit about his car in the short clip above with his cool Jeremy Clarkson accent.

The vast majority of Ferrari cars at the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed were coated in the classic Ferrari hue: Red. That fact coupled with the LaFerrari being the fiercest Prancing Horse around led to this green gem creating quite the stir. I am curious if the owner of the red LaFerrari was left green with envy by Jay Kay’s car stealing the…limelight, so to speak.

Green LaFerrari

Jay Kay’s lime green LaFerrari proved to be an absolute showstopper at the Goodwood FOS this year. 

The LaFerrari is hardly an available car, with just 499 being made and even the wealthiest fighting for the shot to own one. Ferrari set up rules for those interested in purchasing the million-dollar car to adhere to, including owning more than one Ferrari beforehand. On top of the strict rules to obtaining a LaFerrari, it was only offered in red, black or yellow…making this green one all the more intriguing! Did Jay Kay take advantage of the Ferrari Tailor Made Program?

Green LaFerrari

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