Groom Crashes Lamborghini Gallardo Rental En Route to Wedding!

An unidentified groom in Sydney, Australia, had much more to worry about on his wedding day than the traditional jitters when he crashed the Lamborghini Gallardo rental en route to the ceremony! While there is certainly never a convenient time for an exotic car crash, this one literally takes the cake, so to speak!

Lamborghini crash

The aftermath

The groom and best man were already running a touch late to the wedding when they introduced the car to a wire fence. Like something out of a romance novel, the uninjured pair continued on foot and actually made it on time to exchange vows (and likely a great round of tales of the Lamborghini crash!).

At least the groom had the intelligence to contact the luxury rental car company where he rented the Lambo and inform them of where to collect the car. Police reports indicate minimal damage and say that speed was not a factor in the crash, but rather, wet roadways. That detail is quite shocking when you consider that the man was driving a hypercar while late to his own wedding! The fates are on his side…somewhat!

Lamborghini Gallardo

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