Invisible and Airless Tires: A Reality?

Rumors have been spinning faster than a Ferrari 458 Italia’s wheels since 2005 regarding Michelin “Tweels”—which are see-through and airless tires! While this concept may sound a bit SyFy, it may have law enforcement rethinking those spike strips in the future! Video at bottom of post

Michelin Tweels

But how does the ride feel? I couldn’t imagine it would be smooth enough to handle one of our Ferrari rentals or other supercars!

This radical new tire design by Michelin has been in testing for years, and could go on sale in August of this year, according to the rumor mill. They are being made in South Carolina  and implement Resilient Technology developed for military application…some serious stuff!

Michelin Tweels

Michelin Tweels

How it works:
•    When a Tweel meets the pavement, the spokes absorb impacts rather than air in traditional tires
•    The tread and shear bands deform temporarily as the spokes bend, quickly springing back into shape
•    Tweels can be made with different spoke tensions, creating various handling characteristics

What it could mean for the future:
•    No more flat tires
•    No more pesky air valves and pressure formulas
•    No more repair kits


Michelin Tweels

I am concerned about the rim

Michelin Tweels

A tougher tweel


The brief clip above outlines the main points of the Tweel



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