Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini Gallardo Heisted, Action-Flick Style!

 Guy Fieri Lamborghini Gallardo Theft

In what may be one of the most action movie style exotic car thefts, the $200k Lamborghini Gallardo owned by celebrity chef Guy Fieri has been stolen from a San Francisco dealership. 

The suspect used climbing gear to scale a roof and access the interior of the dealership, where they then sliced through some locks and simply drove off in the 2008 yellow and black exotic sports car.  The theft was accomplished in a style befitting ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’, though I imagine that the luxury car thief is likely far less appealing than Angelina Jolie in that film.

Fieri owns around ten luxury sports cars, and while his collection pales in comparison to some other celebrity luxury car collections (I am looking at you, Jay Leno), the food dude does exhibit much taste in his choices. I am sure he wishes this was a Los Angeles luxury rental car that he rented rather than one of his own exotic cars from his collection.


Celebrity Luxury Car Collections Jay Leno

Authorities are fairly confident that Fieri will get his Gallardo back, as the thief will find it a challenge to sell the highly-recognizable car, even in pieces.  There are not many unaccounted for Lamborghini Gallardo parts in circulation, and the luxury car world is quite small compared to standard vehicles.  The luxury car thief did, however, display obvious planning for the heist, leaving some to wonder if they also had the selling part pre-planned.

Video: Celebrity Chef’s $200K Lamborghini Gallardo Stolen In Daring San Francisco Dealership Heist



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