Hamann McLaren MP4-12C: Art Car or Eyesore?

Facebook friends and fans of aftermarket tuner Hamann were taken aback when a photo popped up of a rainbow McLaren MP4-12C recently! Companies use Facebook as a tool to drum-up excitement by providing teasers and very few details, and that is certainly the approach Hamann is taking with this pet project, dubbed the ‘Art Car’. This is something one could likely not get even from the McLaren customization program…just saying.

Hamann McLaren MP4-12C

The photo of the Hamann McLaren MP4-12C popped up on their Facebook page without further details, generating a buzz.

What we know thus far is that Hamann has apparently transformed a perfectly good MP4-12C into an eyesore inspired by the Jeff Koons BMW M3 GT2. Does Jay Leno know about this?

Jeff Koons BMW M3 GT2. Too loud and clear?

The flashy supercar is based on the Hamann memoR, which is the official tuning package offered for the British hypercar. The memoR plumps up the McLaren with a wider body, which provides increased downforce. The package does not change what lurks beneath the hood—it is void of mechanical upgrades. Overall, it is a more aggressive appearance and definitely looks badass posed next to its standard siblings and was impossible to overlook at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

Hamann McLaren MP4-12C

Hamann wheels on the MP4-12C art car.

The kit features:
• One crazy paint job
• New front bumper
• Revamped side skirts
• Roof scoop
• LED daytime lights
• Revised rear bumper
• Oversized diffuser
• 3 tailpipes
• Fixed GT style rear wing
• 21-inch wheels by Hamann

The Hamann memoR kit on the MP4-12C at the Geneva Auto Show.

Hamann has a reputation for its eclectic projects and generating a buzz. While this McLaren has certainly nabbed attention, what is the point of this car?
The alterations are purely aesthetic and aerodynamic–no performance tweaks were made.

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Hamann McLaren MP4-12C

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