The History of the Ferrari F430

Our new Ferrari F430 Spyder is not only part of a long lineage of exotic supercars, the F430 happens to have a unique history all its own.

The F430 series is a sports car designed to replace the Ferrari 360.  Debuting at the Paris Motor Show in 2004, the past 5 years have seen tweaks and improvements to the model.  European left-hand drive sales began in November of 2004, and right-hand sales began in spring of 2005.  The U.S. market did not receive delivery for the F430 until summer of 2005.  Like all Ferraris, the arrival of the F430 was highly anticipated. 

The chassis is quite obviously based on the Ferrari 360, though internally the F430 has the EvFerrari F430 Spyderoluzione tag to announce that it features some major changes. The body has been revamped to be more aerodynamic and aesthetically pleasing.  The drag coefficient is the same, but downforce has been significantly improved.

Classic Ferrari heritage can be observed on the F430, in the form of Enzo’s taillights and interior vents.  Oversized oval openings in the front bumper are a tribute to the Ferrari racing models of the 1960s, particularly the “sharknose” Formula One and 250 TR61 Le Mans car of Phil Hill.

Newer features include the first-ever application of Ferrari’s Manettino steering wheel mounted control knob, which allows drivers to select from five settings that modify the ESP system, transmission behavior, throttle response, “Skyhook” electronic suspension, and E-Diff.  Think Land Rover’s “Terrain Response” system.

The F430 of today features a 4.3-liter V8 petrol engine derived from a shared Ferrari/Maserati design, a departure for the line.  Previously, all Ferraris with V8 engines were from the Ferrari Dino line of the 1950s.  The Ferrari F430 is the 3rd fastest Ferrari ever engineered, just behind the Enzo and the 599 GTB models, and we are electrified to add it to our fleet of exotic rental cars!

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