Hit the Lab Ya’ll

For the SaMAN Ronsons and DJ AMs of the world is the new Montegiro Legno turntable. From the folks that brought you the Lusso turntable, comes the next luxurious generation in DJ equipment. Koetsu USA has just turned out the Montegiro Legno Turntable, an ultra modern combo of wood and high-grade steel. Not for the just any Barmitzvah unless it’s blacktie and class. The body of the Montegiro is bamboo and has four rounded steel feet with rubber O-rings. The tonearm is a 10.5-inch model customized for the Montegiro table.  DJ-ing is complicated and, of course, not for everybody. If you are a DJ, or think you are a DJ, you need the Montegiro Legno turntable. One table is $13,240 but if you’re talented the table will pay itself off fast. The Montegiro comes in white or bamboo. Hit the lab ya’ll.