Just a Homemade Miniature Lamborghini in China

It never gets old checking out what people can create with a little imagination and a matching wallet. Case in point: Get an eyeful of this homemade miniature Lamborghini a Chinese man crafted for just $815 dollars! The best part of this itty-bitty project would have to be the scissor doors, fully functional.

Homemade Miniature Lamborghini

Chinese man builds a running mini Lamborghini complete with scissor doors for just $815. Yes. 

All awesomeness aside, the owner has some bragging rights in the case of this bizarre counterfeit Lamborghini. For one thing, it can be assumed that his insurance is more than affordable and it appears it is actually street legal somehow. The inspiration for the build reportedly stemmed from the man driving his grandson to school each day via a moped. Rather than tricking out the two-wheeler, grandpa welded a stainless steel body and powered it with five batteries. To finish off the new ride, he added design cues to resemble a baby Lamborghini, thus making his grandson proud rather than ashamed during daily drop-offs.

Homemade Miniature Lamborghini

The miniature Lamborghini can hit up to 37 miles per hour and is six and a half feet long and a touch over three feet wide. It is unknown which of the Lamborghini models inspired the design, but my guess would be the signature and long running Gallardo.

Homemade Miniature Lamborghini

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Homemade Miniature Lamborghini

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